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MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 Beta Screen Shots...

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    One of the beta testers have leaked this to the public...
    here is some screen shots...
    I dont thinks its appropriate to provide a download link here...

    MSN Messenger 7.0.0205 Beta ute

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    I completely understand what you mean by clutterd and it does look like ICQ. I think they should have it so that you can switch it form simplifly version of MSN messenger and the other to have a lot of feature that most people don't need but is their for those who wants to use it.

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    I'm guessing the final, or even the public beta will be much better than this non-public beta.

    But the UI is getting a bit OTT now. Why can't we pick what tabs we actually WANT and remove the ones we don't want? I'm sure Microsoft has enough money, do we really need adverts at the bottom of Messenger? Logging needs to get better, offline message support would be nice.

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    It lets you put the tabs in the order you want - which means you can effectively hide whichever ones you find boring, unless you like using a REALLY big window Smiley

    I also really like the "hide window frame" feature, although I confess I can't recall whether that was in previous versions too...

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    As it stands I'm not keen at all.. the Main Window is getting more and more cluttered and now you can't easily turn the tabs off (now it's a registry hack)


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    Jeremy W

    The toolbar should definitely be completely collapsable (sp?). The customer experience thing goes away if you click it, which is fair enough.

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    Is it me, or is the Messenger UI becoming as cluttered as ICQ UI? Besides, it doesn't really look much different (better) compared to the previous version.

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    When I downloaded the beta, and was about to install it,  it came up with the regular XPSP2 prompt.
    MS signs their own programs, right?. They do, but they didn't sign MSN mess. 7 beta. Maybe this wasn't leaked, more rather, hacked? Mind you I could be totally wrong.

    It doesn't have a EULA (end user license agreement), instead it has a TOU (Terms of use) and a privacy statement. I could be wrong again, since this is a beta.

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    are you on the official MSN beta program?

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    Jaz wrote:
    are you on the official MSN beta program?

    I'd like to be. I've been on lots of Microsoft Betas and MSN is one I'd like to be on, but don't know how!

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    I'm told that the server interface for beta 7 is being turned off later today, so anyone who has it will be forced to uninstall and revert to 6.2.

    Probably not worth installing, in other words Smiley

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    OMG... that UI is horrible!!!

    Manip I totally agree with your observations.  I'd add a big red circle around "+ Add a Contact" as this is NOT a feature I use every day, therefore I don't need to stare at it every day.

    "Search the web..."???  Does every app need its own "Search the web" button now?

    I'd also put a big circle around the "E-mail" and "MSN Today" buttons.  Gosh I guess keeping an email client either a) constantly running or b) pinned to the top of the start menu isn't good enough?  I need to have "E-mail" here too?

    Oh and "MSN Today" -- I "accidentally" closed the window that told me about J. Lo's love life and how to get slimmer thighs in 30 days, so good thing I've got this prominent button right here so I can reopen the MSN Today window again at a moment's notice.

    I can't see the advertisement getting any smaller.  The marketing people probably want it to take up 90% of the window.

    The whole UI seems to have Creeping Widgetitis, which is a malady some apps get in their old age... sometimes it's fatal...

    Does no one outside of Apple Computer have a handle on UI design?!?  If an Apple developer came out with this as a beta, he'd be taken out back and shot like Old Yeller.

    Actually it's kind of like that comparison Steve Jobs did between the iPod and the Rio...

    There is a saying, "Beauty is only skin deep, but ugly goes all the way to the bone."  What worries me here is that ugliness may go all the way to the bone.  I've heard that they've incorporated bits of ThreeDegrees, a.k.a. Microsoft App From Hell.  So underneath this ugly UI you may find some ugly plumbing.  I still can't get all the traces of Threedegrees off my computer.

    The main bit of beneath-the-skin ugliness was a vulnerability that allowed you to run arbitrary code on someone else's computer by sending them a "wink."  This was reported on Neowin.  See

    Now Neowin is reporting that Microsoft is pulling the "wink" functionality out of the beta (and forcing a downgrade in the meantime):

    Would someone please give the MSN Messenger development team a Mac and a copy of iChat...

    EDIT: LOL, you can't say a-d-v-e-r-t-i-s-e-m-e-n-t in a posting because it contains a "naughty word."  LOL!

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    Take a look at section 7, quote "if you receive software from us, your use of that software is under the terms of the license that is presented to you for acceptance for such software.  If there is no license presented to you, then we grant you the right to use the software only for the authorized use of the Service.  We reserve all other rights to the software."

    .NET Messenger Service Terms of Use



    7.             SOFTWARE.


    We may provide you with software to use with the Service.  If you receive software from us, your use of that software is under the terms of the license that is presented to you for acceptance for such software.  If there is no license presented to you, then we grant you the right to use the software only for the authorized use of the Service.  We reserve all other rights to the software.  Microsoft or its suppliers own the title, copyright, and other intellectual property rights in such software.


    We may automatically check your version of the software.  We may automatically download upgrades to such software to your computer to update, enhance and further develop the Service.  Your license will terminate on the date your Service terminates. Your license will also terminate if Microsoft modifies the Service to no longer support such software.  We may disable such software after the date the Service terminates. 


    You will not disassemble, decompile, or reverse engineer, any software or any machine included in the Service, except and only to the extent that such activity is expressly permitted by applicable law. 


    The software is subject to United States export laws and regulations.  You must comply with all domestic and international export laws and regulations that apply to the software. These laws include restrictions on destinations, end users and end use.  For additional information, see


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    Karim .. Go into the HTML editor .. and add to the centre of the word - <?> 

    Like this > ‮tnemesitrevda

    Edit: Nice.. they took the time to fix THAT but not to fix the frigging norty word detection?

    Edit 2: Well .. bypassed it anyway.. I'm starting to run out of tricks :-/

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    What good is it?  You cant chat through MSN anymore in the chatrooms anymore, you cant access Hotmail anymore through Outlook or OE and I still havent gotten the PROMISED 250 MB limit on Hotmail.  If Microsoft wants to compete, it needs to make more the services Yahoo and AOL offer for free.

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    i wish they would just put the old editor back

    this new one is buggy - unpredictable and doesnt even allow urls most of the times

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    Microsoft can do a lot wrong but one dirty longhorn trick later and they are back on top..

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