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    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    Jorgie wrote:
    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    Do you own any audio CDs or DVDs? In that case, you own music and video content without a license, as there was no license agreement.

    Sorry but you are wrong, at least in the US.

    It has already held up in court that you own the media, not the music.

    If it was not for the idea of *fair-use* you would not even be able to media-shift or make a backup.

    Purchasing a CD only grants a limited use rights to the contents.

    Just like the GPL, the fact that you are unaware of your rights, does not grant you any rights.


    You have no clue what I said, and it is my fault, as I was not clear.

    When you purchase a CD or DVD, you own that copy of it. You have fair use rights, such that you can watch and record the contents of it on any device that you own so long as it is for your entertainment (and perhaps your families' entertainment, as well as your friend's entertainment when they visit). You do not have distribution rights, the right to sell it or even the right to air in public, but you do have the right to do pretty much anything else with it.

    In failing to seek clarification of what I meant, you made an overarching statement that does not apply. Now you probably feel foolish.

    Perhaps Jorgie works for Sony BMG or the RIAA/MPAA as he seems very pro DRM.

    DRM seems to harm 'fair use' users more than pirates as they always find a way round it anyway. Your purchases are also tied to that company forever. Anything bought on iTunes has to be played on a iPod or iTunes. Even with Microsoft's DRM you are tied to a single vendor (you cannot cancel Napster and transfer the tunes over to Yahoo for example) and platform (you need a 'PlaysForSure' device or Windows PC).

    If DRM has to be used, then it shouldn't be controlled by a single vendor but operated by a non-profit consortium.