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    I used to get in fights everyday in grade six - mainly because of one other kid.  It was a combination of utter boredom and being aggravated daily by someone who was a bully to everyone but the one who stood up to him. 

    Then I got tested and they saw I was way ahead of the class.  They sent me to special computer camps and things like that, and they advanced me directly from grade 6 to 8, deciding against skipping me two grades because of age and because my mathematics was not nearly as developed - mom and dad were not very good at mathematics.

    Considering my grammar and run on sentences, yeah, I know that being more "advanced" in academic performance doesn't mean you'll stay that way forever.  Perplexed  Wink  However, I do know that I went from having received 67 detentions (most for fighting) in grade 6 to only 2 (for tardiness) in grade 8, and one in highschool for flipping on my art teacher for giving me a mid-term C for being late with my art fees - we were poor). 

    They said I had ADD, when I was in grade 6; mom and dad said, "he's just bored and you're not teaching him anything", and they were right.  YMMV