How long? Too many years, that's how long.

thumbtacks wrote:

10 GR
20 POKE-16368,0
30 FOR C=1 TO 10000
40 A=INT(RND(1)*3)+1
50 ON A GOSUB 100,150,200,250
60 IF PEEK (-16384)>127 THEN END
80 END
I have a suggestion for this code. On line 60, you check to see if the user if pressing a key (as a means of escape). Then, if they are pressing a key with an ASCII value greater than 127, it ends. That leaves the user with a lo-res screen in the middle of a "wipe". Shouldn't you rewrite it like this?

60 IF PEEK (-16384)>127 THEN TEXT: HOME: END

The same thing should probably be added to line 80.