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    Einstein and others dismissed Quantum Mechanics at first, then later said it's incomplete, because of the missing gap that we get when Entanglement occurs.  In fact, entanglement was conceived by Einstein and Rosen, IIRC, in order to prove QM wrong.

    The problem they had was with the NON-LOCALITY ideas.  However, I just discoverd Heim-Droscher Theory, which is a newer theory of 8-dimensional space that can predict the mass of particles much more accurately (in fact the Standard Model can't make much predictions about mass at all), and is getting more and more attention.

    It requires locality, in which case there are hyperdimensions that act as the bridge between entangled particles. 

    The Heim-Droscher Theory is experimentally provable, unlike String Theory, so if enough people can understand the math and work out the problems, we may have a real unified theory of all the forces (and find two new forces as a result).

    Thanks for the nice feedback - just be warned that I am not a physicist, I just love to read about it, and I could be completely wrong about many things I said.  I wish I had more time to respond, but I have bugs to fix.  [C]