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View Thread: Vista RC2 (5744) OUT NOW
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    jamie entire new UI  (haha kidding)

    so will this release be "the one" ?  the one that makes everyone sit up and take notice? have a bunch of new stuff theyve been holding back?

    well - if the past beta's have been any indication - with their little by little approach - it's not looking like it will be.

    will all those extra screens in control panel - finally have 3d 360 degrees icons that spin? like the old demo video or is it just going to be as is - more clicks to do the same thing with no extra eye candy?

    will the start menu list of items get icons back beside them for easy recognizablility? - or will it still be a spartan list of hard to decifer text - with a 3 second wait for icon in the sky to redraw while hovering?

    will there be a new cheerful theme - that is blue and light hearted? will XP luna be included for those who feel depressed by the black over tones of an 80's stereo?

    will there be many more video drivers - written by MS that support pixel shader (as the video companies dont seem to be doing a good job of this - especially if using an extra slot along side pcie/agp

    will the amnesia problems disappear (forgetting wireless network settings, forgetting video settings)

    will dvd burners, open gl games work again? will watching Mpegs or other non-MS wmv media be less herky jerky?

    will i finally be able to delete things off my desktop without loading "delete on boot" special software?

    will photo viewer let you zoom out - will windows in general be able to size small like xp?

    will java and dos games force jarring mode switches to vista basic UI? will the mcdonalds purple be BANNISHED from new icons?

    probably not. dreammmm the impossible dreeeeam......

    tune in to this bat channel tomorrow to find out