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View Thread: Vista RC2 (5744) OUT NOW
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    Minh wrote:
    Ang3lFir3 wrote: Hasn't made it to MSDN yet
    MSDS's only getting the public releases... no secret stuff to those smug Connect members

    everything including the article jamie linked says MSDN and even some CPP memebers will be getting RC2..... so lets keep hoping... somce times it takes a while to get to MSDN....

    thats assuming what you were trying to say is that I won't be seeing it on MSDN... which would be total BS if I don't....

    What aren't people who pay for the privalege of being MSDN members good enough to test ALL versions of Vista's betas if they want to? (ding ding shoulda just added all MSDN members to the Vista Beta and let them choose to participate if they wanted to)