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    jaylittle wrote:
    jamie wrote: from

    "After this, Microsoft is changing the Product Keys, and will be checking in some User Experience code that they've been sitting on so they can still surprise the market. Jim talked about this during my interview, and I'll post more on that later."

    This doesn't strike me as the wisest idea of all time.  I mean the whole point of testing is to test the product as whole.  If you are holding things back until the very end, your testing will surely suffer as a result.

    judging from the "new way" ballmer seems to be viewing his cattle - er - i mean customers - my bet is the "real" aero - ie - something cool - will be an ultimate extra - so what we're seeing here is indeed the release - but the thing everyone wants will be plaigued with Validation. 

    The suits probably decided that they cant have some funky cool UI - as businesses wouldnt like it - so theyve got it as a Plus style value add - that people must actively choose to load - and administrators can block

    long live sales guys  long live validation!  war is peace!  etc