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View Thread: WoW: Trying to download the demo version
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    Rossj wrote:
    I wonder if WoW has the equivalent of the Civ 4 Addicts Assoc?

    Trailer wrote:
    "I'd play for 2 ... 3 ... days straight, wouldn't eat, wouldn't get up for the bathroom."

    "You'd go three days without going to the toilet?"

    "I said I didn't get up"

    Hehe, that's very funny, havent played it in quite a while, civ4 is a lot of fun !

    About Wow: had a lot of fun the 1st few months it was released, met some fun people I was questing with almost every night, but once you hit 60, it's a whole different game, and just about the only thing to do, is doing instances ad nauseum (and have ppl yell at you when you're joking around and / or make mistakes).

    Going from 60 -> 70 in the new expansion might be fun, I noticed theyre releasing a Collector's edition again, it'll tough not to order it [6].