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Your System Specs.

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    Post um here. here are mine...

       1.20 GHz
       384 MB of RAM (normaly had 512, installed more memory and it detects both of the sticks as 384)
     Windows XP Home Edition. (down graded from pro)
     Version 2002 Service Pack 2,v.2096 (RC1)
    Total Physical Memory 384.00 MB 
    Available Physical Memory 159.59 MB 
    Total Virtual Memory 1.27 GB 
    Available Virtual Memory 848.25 MB 
    Page File Space 919.23 MB 
    Processor x86 Family 6 Model 11 Stepping 1 GenuineIntel ~1202 Mhz 

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    I'm running a PurpleBox Quad-Gerbil 3000 with HyperTension Technology, 17 MB RAM, and a DirectW-enabled comfy chair.  schweeeeeet.  Smiley

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    Dell Precision M50 laptop PIV 2.0 with 1 GB ram and 80 GB HD.  It has a 15" screen, wifi enabled and weighs about 3000 lbs.

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    2.2 Ghz
    512MB Ram
    WinXP Pro
    SP1 (Had SP2 but that and .Net 2.0 beta killed my system)
    80 + 40 GB
    Geforce 3 Ti 200
    DVD + CDRW Drives
    3.5" Floppy Drive
    10/100 Network Card
    SoudBlaster Live 5.1

    Tablet, Remote Control, Mouse, Keyboard, HeadSet W.Microphone, Laser Printer, Creative Speakers, Monitor.

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    Abit IC7
    P4 2.6 GHz (HT)
    768 MB DDR2100
    Windows XP Pro SP2
    Two (2) 120 GB WD HDDs
    DVD-ROM (16x48) and CD-RW (52x24x52)
    Gigabyte ATI Radeon 9000 Pro II
    SoundBlaster Audigy2
    Crative Inspire 5.1 5200 Speakers
    Logitech Elite Keyboard and MX500 mouse
    Samsung SyncMaster 760V TFT LCD monitor
    WiFi connection (77 year old house...not easy to run CAT5 everwhere lol)

    well, there's more, but I'd say that's enough to mention now. Wink

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    My home machine:

    AMD 2600+ XP
    1GB RAM
    NVidia GeForce 4 Ti4200 128MB
    ~180GB disk space (strewn across a few drives)
    16x TDK DVD-ROM Drive
    24/10/40 TDK Burner
    Window XP Media Center Edition 2004
    Creative Soundblaster Audigy
    Hauppauge WinTV PVR250
    Wireless Intellimouse Explorer
    1984 IBM Model M keyboard
    Intel Pro/100+ Ethernet Card
    No Floppy Drive (hooray!)

    My dev machine at work:
    Intel 3.06GHz with Hyperthreading
    1GB RAM
    Onboard sound
    ATI Radeon 9700
    60GB disk space
    16x DVD-ROM drive
    Windows XP SP2 RC1
    Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse (I'm the Bluetooth UI tester)
    Two 19" monitors haxx0red to sit on their sides (display in portrait mode)
    Broadcom NetXtreme Gigabit Ethernet card

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    Gill Bates

    PowerBook G4 0.667 GHz PowerPC G4 (2.1) 256 KB L2 Cache 1024 MB SD RAM 133 FSB AGP ATI RageM6 ATA 80 GB HDD Mac OS X 10.3.3 (Panther)

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    Before I sold off my PC to save space in the barracks: AMD Athlon XP 3200+, 512 MB PC2700 RAM, 200GB HD, Windows 2000 SP4 & Windows XP Pro SP1 (dual boot), 54x24x54 CDRW, 17" Apple Studio Display (with it's 21" twin, the only VGA display Apple produced, and by far, the best I've ever used on any computer, PC or Mac. Beautifully crisp picture at 1600x1200 on my nVidia GeForce FX 5200) MoBo had onboard sound & LAN, USB 2.0, FireWire, SATA. ---------- I'll rebuild my system from scratch once again when i get to Seattle (anybody there at Channel 9 willing to donate parts? Smiley ) ----------------------------------------------- My current setups: eMac G4 1GHz/512 MB RAM/Combo Drive/Radeon 9200/40GB HD and Late 2001 model iBook G3 600MHz/640MB RAM/20GB HD/Combo Drive (still faster than my 600MHz Celeron Dell Inspiron 3800), a 1st generation 5GB iPod, and a Viewsonic V35 PocketPC.

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    Pentium 4 ht 3.05 ghz
    512 mb ram
    40 gb hd
    cd/dvd rw
    15 inch screen
    Gateway M350 Laptop

    Windows XP Pro
    MSDev 2003

    oh and MS IntelliMouse Optical

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    Dual Athlon 2Gz
    1Gb ram
    120Gb Western Digital 7200RPM Hdd (8mb cache)
    GeForceFX 5200 Video Card
    17" Monior
    100mb/s net
    4X DVD- and + R and RW
    32X CDR and RW Drive
    and various other things.
    WinXP, VS.Net 2002 and 2003 and other software.

    Duron 700Mhz
    256mb ram
    30Gb hdd
    100mb/s net
    standard video, mostly headless
    4x cdrom drive (doesent really need it)
    basic little things.
    Runs Linux

    G3 iMac 333Mhz
    100mb/s net
    80Gb hdd
    288mb ram
    24X tray loading CDROM drive
    what else can you say about an imac?
    OSX 10.3.3

    Dev box in work:
    P4 3.06Gz (pre HT)
    1Gb ram
    80Gb hdd
    1gb net card, 100mb network.
    win2k3 server
    VS6 and 2003.
    MS SQL server.

    I have other machines no fully working, but i wont go into detail there....

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    P4 2.4 GHz (HT)(800FSB)
    ABIT IS7(i865pe)
    Geil 256MBx2 DDR500 + Magic-Pro 256MBx2 DDR450
    4x Hitachi 120GB 8M Cache (RAID 0)
    Maxtor 160GB 8M Cache
    Artec DVD-ROM (16x48)
    Liteon CD-RW (32x12x40)
    Inno3D Geforce 4 MX440 /w 64MB DDR
    SoundBlaster Live!
    SPI 350W-BT Power Supply + 099 300W Power Supply
    iCute White ATX Case
    Topcon 15" 15EX-TA LCD Monitor
    Windows Server 2003 /w Servie Packs 1 #1159

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    Classified! I could tell you, but I'd have to DOS you * infinity!

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    I have several systems

    Main @ Home
    P4 3.0 ghz on Asus Mobo 2 Gigs ram
    ATI Radion 9700 pro Video
    200+ Gig HD (SATA)
    10/100/1000 net (3com I think)
    SB Audigy
    Compaq P 1610 24in 16/9 Monitor

    Main Laptop and work machine
    Alienware Area 51m Cyborg Green
    1 Gig ram
    80 Gig hd
    15.4in 1600x1200 display

    Plus nearly countless others
    Can't wait to move to 64 bit where I can have enough ram to run all sorts of stuff even in emulation.

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    Home machines:

    Archer: AMD Athlon 900 / 256 MB. Running W2K Advanced Server, SQL Server 2K, IIS, also used as workstation.

    Sato: Pentium 350 / 32 MB laptop. Running Win98 (!) (due to W2K requesting at least 64, I'm too lazy to find suitable memory for it Smiley, used for small things like a permanent webcam, IRC bot, printer server etc.

    A Draytek 2600 router connects my home network (Enterprise) to the internet via a 2Mbit ADSL line.

    Office machines:

    Phlox: Pentium 700 / 192 MB laptop. Running W2K Professional, Visual Interdev, SQL Server client tools, Office, etc.

    Dotnet: Pentium 600 / 512 MB. Running W2K Advanced Server, SQL Server 2K, .NET framework and VisualStudio 2003.

    Most of this stuff will be upgraded soon, it's pretty crappy stuff but it's still workable when properly maintained Wink

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    One of the Twelve

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    2x512mb A-Data Vitesta DDR500 CL2.5
    Leadtek WinFast K8N Pro (nForce 3)
    Pioneer DVR-107D -burner
    120GB & 160GB IDE hdd's
    160GB serial ata
    Club3D Radeon 9600 Pro 128MB
    Audigy 2

    Intel P4 2.6CGhz
    2x512mb DDR400
    Chaintech 9PJL2 Apogee (865PE)
    NEC ND-1300A -burner
    2x40GB IDE Hdd's
    Sapphire Radeon 9000 64MB
    Soundblaster Live! Value 1024
    17" and InFocus 620 LitePro

    and lots of "slower" x86 systems

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    Etch-A-Sketch 1.0

    some systems were made to last.

    Heck of a time getting the network card in, but it runs Mono beautifully!

    hp 540n
    768MB (or so)

    + a
    450MHz POC
    (So I can listen to music at work...)

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    Why is it that machines at home these days are better than the ones at work? If I remember correctly the trend used to be the other way around.

    Speaking of Spec, it's about time I upgraded my PC at home in time for the release of Half Life 2!

    Does anyone still have a CBM 64? ... or even a VIC 20 3.5k !!! Seems funny, but those were the days when you could do soooooooo much with 3.5k

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    Dual Processor Intel Xeon, 2.8GHz
    120GIG Raid-5
    Windows XP Pro with 2 Windows 2003 Virtual PC
    Teaming Intel Pro
    4gig mirrored DDR memory
    QuadroFCX 3000

    All on a Dell Precision 650.

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