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RC2 or RTM

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    I cannot wait the RTM and I would use Vista as primary OS:D... but I'm afraid of loose some programs and/or data when I'll upgrade to the final version. Can you suggest me something? And you? What are you going to do?

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    Well, so far in the day I've had RC2 installed, it has frozen twice within seconds of coming up from sleep or reboot, something that happened only a few times on RC1 and never (that I can remember) on Beta 2.

    I will probably run RTM on my test machine for a while before I make the switch. I don't know if I'll wait till SP1 like I did for XP though.

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    RC2 thoroughly broke my development setup, which worked fine in RC1.  I've had to reinstall RC1 to get things working again.  Others are experiencing the same thing.  It is impossible to install Delphi 2006 as of RC2.  I've submitted a bug report and posted to the Vista newsgroups.  Scary Sad

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