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The Channel 9 guy's apartment

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    We just had to share this with you instead of our usual video programming. Chris Pirillo,, videotaped the Channel 9 guy giving us a tour of his apartment. Don't watch this video while drinking or operating heavy equipment.

    Video length: 00:03:49.

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    I am so scared

    Fun if you're bored. Big Smile

    "A moose once bit my sister." Classic!

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    Um.... Ok.

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    Richard Parker

    Can you say neat freak? Chips in a glass jar?! I bet those freezer bags were piled alphabetically too.

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    Don't let this self-deprecating portrait of the Channel9 Guy fool you. I ran into The Guy at the gym once and this little piece of plastic can push serious weight!

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    This is so funny Smiley

    But any chance of getting a transcript of this video? As English is not my native language, it's not always easy to understand with that "smurf" voice Smiley
    And I would really like to understand all the little jokes in it Wink


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    Next time show us clippy's appartement too!

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    What happened to the video?

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    What do you mean?
    Just click on the link...

    P.S. No transcript yet? Smiley

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    This video changed my life.  I was at the edge of the end of my life but this happy little fellow lifted my spirits.  Ok, not really, but it was funny to watch.  And it is great to know that there is a group of people that do love monty python.  With my group of friends I began to feel as though I was the outcast because I love it and they all laughed at me or called me crazy.

    one day, i hope to get paid for doing stuff like that.  Wouldn't that be great?

    "Sitting that close to the Tv is bad for you" - marge
    "Talking while the tv is on is bad for you!" - homer

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    Perhaps someday C9G will 'hit it big' and end up as an Office Assistant... nah, he wouldn's sell out like clippy did.

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    very cool! ehhehehe

    i like how he works out and takes a pee..

    i wonder - is there a bongie jump in the near future?

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