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Excel XP -> Excel v.X Macro Problems

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    Here's a question for the Office gurus out there... I have an Excel worksheet I need to work on. It was created on Excel 97, and I can open update, and save it fine in Excel XP, however, when i try to open it in Excel v.X (10.1.5) I get errors on opening the file stating "Run-time error "57121": Cant exit design mode because Control 'ComboBox1' can not be created." Of the four buttons (Continue, End, Debug, Help) only "End" and "Help" are avaliable to choose, and help tells me to enable macros. I'd LOVE to, but it's not letting me. This worksheet has several pulldown boxes I need to use. Argh! is there any help for this? I need to use this worksheet, and running Excel XP in VirtualPC is an option, though only a last resort (for speed reasons).

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