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View Thread: A new solution to Anti-Trust Version creep
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    John Melville-- MD

    The EU has demanded that Windows be availaible without Media Player -- Hence the "N" versions.

    South Korea has demanded a "K" version that lacks windows messanger.

    The obvious version creep and testing matrix is simply getting out of control.

    To effectively solve this problem I propose one cut down version to satisfy them all!  Behold Windows "L" (for lame) edittion.

    Its simple.  Set up a website where government (or any 2 bit company) can complain about anything in windows.  Say the word and Bam! its gone.  Windows "L" just got a little bit lamer.

    Just think about how much you could save in media and support by installing and running Windows L.  Windows Lame edition: No Patchguard or Security Center for Symantec, No IE search bar for Google and Yahoo, well really no IE at all to satisfy Firefox and OS.  Office Lame edition could have no PDF or XPS support, by default or for download. 

    We really should extend the new spirit of cooperation to all the other losers who have wasted our time in the past whining about progress. We could really make Netscape the default browser, presuming we could still find a codebase that actually compiles.  Of course we couldn't actually run Netscape because there wouldn't be a GUI; a necessary concession to Apple's former legal response to Microsoft competition.  I'd even remove the file system because the excellent minds at Samba couldn't reverse engineer it correctly.  I hope you understand that I am really going out of my way to please everyone here. 

    There you have it, every legislator's dream: a completely unobjectionable version of windows and office.  I think I will assist this effort by providing the entire, compilable source code, absolutely copyright and royalty free.

    #include <stdio.h>

    void main () {
        // printf("Hello World!");
        printf("Windows Vista L Edition Version");