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    I must admit, any attempts to control my computing use concerns me. Not because I think Microsoft or any other vendor will want to peek into my email and read the begging letters I send to the bank, but because it can/might limit my ability to distribute what I own, or what others want me to have.

    The culture of mistrust that surrounds Microsoft in some quarters of the computing community is partly its own fault. Just look at the many settlements that come through seemingly each week.

    For a company with MS's track record in both being mistrusted in their practises, as well as in practical security (just look at the Passport password fiasco a few months back), it's going to take huge steps for Microsoft to regain the trust before NGSCB and DRM (I'm thinking Office 2003 here) start to look attractive to many.

    It's vital to Microsoft's future to be trusted, and that's why the recent initiatives to get employees blogging and sites like Channel 9 so appeal as we get to see the real minds behind the code...and it's not a shock to see they're dedicated, intelligent, full of ideas, and open to change.