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    irascian wrote:
    My concern is that you'd probably get someone like Darth Vista voted out by the majority, when even though he's a troll he's given me some of the best laughs we've had in a long time on here and I kind of look forward to his posts. I never was one for subtlety Wink

    I hear you on the DarthVista thing.

    I guess that, technically speaking he's trolling, but I like the guy. He's clever and not outright rude - that changes things quite a bit.

    Nothing wrong with comic relief.

    Hopefully, people like him (OK - just him - there's nobody really like him) wouldn't be voted off the C9 island.

    It's a good point, though - I wouldn't want to see the forums lose some "color" because of overzealous moderation.

    Still... I'd like to see a way to take some of these threads in which the conversation dies after ten posts, and find a way to keep the main topic alive for two or three times as long, and I don't see another way to do that right now. I'm tired of the ten-on-topic-comments-followed-by-thirty-flames threads.

    C9 is better than that, yo. The people here who really want to make this a good place have a hard time doing that because they're getting called out by people who are paranoid, have an agenda, hate MS, or who are just bored.