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    Hey, people -

    I'm finally sitting in Building 18. Even though I haven't done anything beyond getting my parking pass, I feel like just being here gives me the right to ask for your opinions on big topics that could have a major impact on C9.


    What do you think about having a /. style moderation system? The problem with the current banning solution to trolling is that it isn't very communityish.

    Recently, I allowed myself to get dragged into a long, irritating troll thread. We've seen all the "Don't reply to trolls" posts, but you know how hard it is to do that when someone calls out your integrity in front of the rest of the board.

    It'd be nice, then, if we could use post points (I *think* they're implemented here - not sure - would have to talk to Adam) to allot mod  points. That way, instead of the C9 team having total say over who is/isn't trolling, you guys can help keep things clean around here by having some control over the environment.

    And, yeah - we'd just be stealing this feature directly from /. - but that doesn't bother me - let's just not get mired in a thread about how this feature is unoriginal (not saying that somebody would have come along and argued this, but... well, someone probably would've, and it would've been distracting).

    What do you think? I don't even know if it would be possible, as I'm not up to speed on what the new codebase is capable of, but I'd like to see the conversations here improved by leaps and bounds as a result of user moderation.