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    blowdart wrote:
    Rory wrote: 
    It's a good point, though - I wouldn't want to see the forums lose some "color" because of overzealous moderation.

    Color? -1 spelling.

    What I think would be useful is a slightly cut back slashdot moderation; where you can mark comments as spam (and those marked enough they hide from those with the default view), whereas the rest of the options are positive (interesting, insightful, another blowdart post etc.) Perhaps the only other "negative" would be "off topic", where someone posts a technical question in the coffeehouse etc.

    Enabling a personal ignore list would be far more useful. *plonk*

    That is how Americans spell colour you know.

    We've had the discussion about ignore lists before haven't we? I thought it was decided that you could get some strange looking conversations because of people ignoring replies.

    I would personally opt for a Digg style moderation, so the text of the posts is hidden (and you can opt to read it).  But then it's been about five years since I visited /. so I can't remember what they do.