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View Thread: Why we cant have this in IE7 ?
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    Rory wrote:
    Often, it isn't that you "can't have" a feature in the product - it's more that there hasn't previously been call for the feature.

    For all we know, you're the first to ask for this

    Then, once the feature has been requested, the team has to decide if it's in the best interest of the user base to implement it. What that means depends on how the team goes about making their decisions.

    For some, there might be a UAT - for others, contingent upon budget, it might just be a yay/nay vote during a team meeting. It varies a lot from team to team.

    So, don't lose hope. If it turns out that this is a feature that people would like to see in IE, then it will probably turn up in many repeated feature requests.

    That brings us to another reason why the feature may/may not be implemented - with IE's market share, there are probably tons of feature requests made each day.

    Which ones does the team choose? How to prioritize?

    It's hard when a product has as much reach as IE does.

    There are many reasons, then, but it probably has much more to do with a lack of awareness that customers consider this a problem than anything else.

    You could try sending an email to the IE team through their blog.

    C9 is a great place to get opinions on stuff like this, but if you want to make a change, then go straight to the people who can do it

    I agree absolutely. Just wanted to make a suggestion which I would email to the IE Team. It there were checkboxes for each item and a Delete Selected button instead of Delete all would have been better.

    Shreyas Zare