I'm looking for quick way to block whole domain in Outlook 2007.

Current way is so boring...
- Copy senders e-mail (including name!!! in result I have something like "Bloody Spammer [fertgb23423nmjhv2j@post.com]") Now it's just impossible to copy just part of sender's address. Stupid design...

- Go to "Junk" options (3 clicks!)

- Go to "blocked senders" tab

- Click "Add"

- Paste "Bloody Spammer [fertgb23423nmjhv2j@post.com]" to text box

- Clean text to leave "@post.com" only

- Click OK

- Click OK

- Done

- Email still in "Inbox". So I have to manually delete it.

Who was creator of this? Of this "Cool" design?
Why in context menu I have only "Add Sender to Blocked Senders List"? I want to block whole domain! Or block using some mask.

100% of spammers are using emails like "jhdbegdrscg@post.com", "jsnajgetd546@post.com", "kfmhsbafer523fr@post.com" etc.