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    Maybe as a sub-topic under the architecture one?

    So i haven't really got my head around this wiki stuff yet, but i'll have a go with starting a  performance and scalability one if there's enough interest.

    I was thinking in terms of both .net and traditional dna apps ( com+, asp, sql etc ) Particular topics i thought might be of interest to people were:

       database access stuff - tuning sql, data-access strategies. Passing parameters between tiers is an interesting topic here.

       middle tier stuff. The big scalability killers for dna apps ( big object heirarchies, hot locks on oleaut32 etc ), what changes in .net . What bits of the framework to avoid. 
       tools - how to identify bottlenecks - how to know what is good or bad in the perfmon figures you capture etc; how to use windbg to identify hot-locks / finding leaks etc. how to do capacity planning / load testing. 

    there are lots of others, but you get the idea...

    I was going to start with some general guidelines and links - and maybe a personal top 10 scalability killers ( i ran the scalability labs for ms uk for a couple of years so saw quite a few windows dna horror stories Smiley ), but i'd be grateful for other ideas?

    anyway, let me know this is interesting enough to follow up on...