Funny timing. I'm off to go buy clothes today at my Bi-Annual event. I suppose this will be an expsenive day as I head into Bellevue Square where I'll have the joy of encountering:

* Young children running and screaming while their parents are nowhere to be found.
* High school slackers taking up space and otherwise looking like disaffected youth.
* People walking so slow and getting in my way that I wonder if they have any purpose in life.
* Sales people bothering me when I want to be left alone and being left alone when I need help.
* Getting a headache from that smell that all clothing stores seem to have.
* Incessantly putting on and taking off various sizes and flavors of clothes and repeatedly coming to grips with the fact that I'm not in the same great shape I was when I was one of those slacker teenagers I just saw standing outside this store.

Ahh yes, good times, good times. Smiley