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View Thread: When was your last time you visited a boutique (clothing)?
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    Awesome thread, not for the reason you think. I was just struck by how people tend to stereotype "computer geeks" and think that they all have the same likes, dislikes and passions. That we are all strange basement dwellers who don't like things normal people like.

    Yet, here we have the channel9 crowd, who all have a lot in common (that's why we are here) and still, here is a thread about clothes. Big Smile

    As far as I'm concerned, you are all speaking martian. I'm not into fashion, and I don't spend very much on clothes and even then it's only on very functional stuff. No $800 pairs of sunglasses for me. $270 pairs of sunglasses, yes (bought on technical merits, thank you very much Tongue Out)