littleguru wrote:
Everybody has D&G here. It's crazy. They put their brand on everything in big (huge) letters. When walking through the city it's like having a big ad in front of you saying: D&G.

Hey! That's what I just mentioned in my last post.

You have to avoid the stuff with the obvious branding, 'cause it's sooo tacky.

Most of the D&G stuff in Portand didn't have any branding (except perhaps a tiny label somewhere - I have a few sweaters like that).

littleguru wrote:

My jacket is Hugo Boss with a little bit of coat (don't think it is real) and downs. They are very much seen here now.

Hugo Boss does great jackets. The problem is that I'm a 46cm in the chest, and it's really hard to find that size out here.

But, like I said, Seattle has a special Hugo Boss Mario's, and I might just head in there.

My favorite pair of shoes are Hugo Boss - laceless casuals, the way I like 'em.