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View Thread: When was your last time you visited a boutique (clothing)?
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    Mark you sound exactly like me!  i wonder if you have a passionate dislike for pushchairs too? 

    anyhow i'm just a student bum and so boutique's are quite expensive for me.  That said i have a wonderfully nice black Calvin Klein jacket i picked up for xmas last year,  my g/f hates it as she doesn't think long coats suit me, but i love it and can't wait for it to get cold enough to start wearing again (i'm quite practical with clothing).  though i have seena  new coat i like by a brand i can't remember.

    i have a pair of tsubo trainers which are nice, but i must admit the puma silencio's really took my fancy, justa  bit dear.  i really liked the idea of them being a trainer, a  slipper and a sandal.

    as far as jeans go, i'm not a huge fan of diesel, normally preferring a pair of levi's, though G-Star Raw have really impressed me,  i really like some of their designs.  and i have 2 pairs of ralph lauren combats which are really nice.  as for tshirts i'll wear nearly anything.