z33driver wrote:
I was just in a Puma store last week.  It is a cool store.  I bought a pair of Ferrari driving shoes so I can drive my car without catching the edge of my shoe on the clutch or brake pedals.

I was checking those out - if I remember, they come in red and yellow.

Very sleek shoe. I didn't realize what they were made for, but the form makes a lot of sense now.

z33driver wrote:

There's a neat article in this month's Fast Company magazine about Puma.  Did you know Puma and Adidas were started by two brothers in the same town in Germany?

I'm enough of a clothing nerd that I actually did know that Smiley

z33driver wrote:

I like Diesel.  Dolce and Gabbana seems like unobtanium though, last weekend I was all over trying to find some place that carries them.  hrug:  Guess I'll have to go online.

I don't know where you live (should probably just check your profile), but D&C is sold in at least one or two shops per large city out here. Good stuff, too - if you buy they right thing. Like most labels, they put out a lot of good stuff, but then they put out some garbage that they know people will buy just because of who made it. That's the stuff I avoid - it usually has the label's name all over the garment. Very tacky, methinks.

z33driver wrote:

Have you ever visited http://www.bluefly.com?  Sometimes you can get good deals on there.

Yeah. The problem with bluefly is that a lot of the stuff is what's left over from what people didn't want.

It can be different if you're a strange size - then there's good stuff that they just couldn't sell because nobody could wear it.

Not sure where I'd go for online shopping. I was spoiled in Portland where we actually had halfway decent clothing stores.

Now I'm 2.5 hours south of Vancouver BC, and I might head up there just for the clothes. They have tons of good stuff up there...