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View Thread: Blimey, that was fast: IE7 sans WGA
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    Sven Groot

    Rossj wrote:
    W3bbo wrote: I was expecting this to take at least a week or so.

    But hey, the author explicitly states it's for use on pirated systems, so I guess this won't affect Microsoft's campain to inform the unaware.

    Don't suppose you can find one that doesn't take 20 minutes and a (or was it 2) reboot to install?

    Hmm? I've upgraded three machines, one x64, two x86 (and one x86 already had a beta version of IE7 installed, the rest didn't) and none of them took longer than five minutes and all had just one reboot.

    I'd prefer it without the reboot, but considering how much of Windows relies on IE components that's just not going to happen.