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    CannotResolveSymbol wrote:
    I've got a little 13" RCA...  don't use it much.

    I get cable through my school, who I assume gets it from Charter (I think that's the local cable provider here).  About 60ish channels, with a few inserted by the school to broadcast events and such.

    The school seems to be on a plasma-screen buying frenzy lately, though:  they're popping up all over the place (even just to display our digital signage:  sounds like a good way to get a plasma TV to die within two years to me).

    Plasma-screens don't provide the best bang-per-buck. Most of the schools in the UK have gone with projector systems. For that you get a 100"+ display with pretty decent resolution, and since they use standard ceiling mounts you can easily replace them in a matter of minutes.

    As for myself... We've got 3 "real" TVs (1 in the kitchen, 1 in the spare bedroom, 1 in the living room), and two TV-enabled 'puters. Good thing TV License fees are per-household, not per-TV.