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View Thread: IE7 For Admins - Hopes and Issues
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    So, IE7 installs with little hassle, except the /integrate switch is missing. I was waiting to customise my XP ISO with WMP11 and IE7 but alas that isn't going to happen yet.

    Then there are the problems of group policy adm files not being available. This will block the corporate rollout for me.

    So, why this is delayed I can pray that the following bug is sorted:

    Internet Explorer branding when Folder Redirection is in use fails.

    If they have this sorted, I can honestly say there are no other issues. Java works well thus far for me - all my sites that are critical work.

    For now the suggested silent IEAK route is an option that i can give to my power users, but i resent doing it.

    Are we waiting for 2k3 SP2 to emerge with this?

    All feedback appeciated