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    littleguru wrote:
    Hi everybody. I created a little web site (today) and got from one guy the feedback that the page looks vain.

    Is that true? What do you think? If so, how could it get improved? Any suggestions? Anything is welcomed!

    My intention is to create a web site where I present myself a little bit, share some pics and give a list of publications that I did...

    I don't think it matters what other people think - if you like the design, and if you like the photo where it is, then leave it.

    If you're vain, then you're vain.

    If you're not, then you're not.

    You might seem vain to someone else, but don't let anyone dictate to you what you are or are not.

    Do whatever makes you happy.

    The only issue I have is that the banner's a little too tall - that's it. Aside from that, I actually think it's pleasant. Good color - you photograph well.

    It might just be jealousy from others Smiley

    Be yourself, yo...