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View Thread: Does persistence pay off when getting a job with Microsoft?
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    blowdart wrote:
    Charles wrote: 
    blowdart wrote: 
    Charles wrote: When would persistence not make sense when trying to accomplish something that's non-trivial?


    When on balance the thing you are trying to accomplish isn't actually worth the effort?

    That's a reasonable answer. When else?

    When you're a child and your idea of presistance is "But I need it" repeated every minute.

    There is a point where the results of persistance just sour the whole experience for you; well it did for me anyway.
    There are also other things in life that are a little bit more important than your "job" (family, kids, etc.).

    It's kind of like when I got through a C Primer book, and then went and picked up a Unix book and sort of said "gee, that's it? This isn't difficult." In some ways, I think a lot of dev jobs at Microsoft aren't actually that difficult once you really dig into them, and have access to appropriate study materials (at least not for me). The question really then becomes, are you, as an organization willing to spend the time teaching somebody or do you want "instant rock stars" to only apply? That seems to be the mode that your company is in right now (maybe I'm wrong). Plus, I don't believe in "sacrificing everything" just for the sake of a career at this company. That's just plain unrealistic, and if and when you guys ever have layoffs, you'll know what I mean. That sort of attitude is great for young salespeople, but in the end it makes for hollow personalities.