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View Thread: Does persistence pay off when getting a job with Microsoft?
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    BlackTiger wrote:
    Xaero_Vincent wrote:

    If you're passionate Microsoft envanglist and know enough about technology, especially .NET, then you might have be a good job candidate.

    IT'S LIE! Especially about .NET. MS not interested in any .NET developers at all! Look at MS "requirements" and you will see it (excellent "See/SeePeePee" and "KOM"? I hate See/SeePeePee! I'm SeePeePee alergic!). May be in US they are hiring "evanglists" (pronounce as "managers"), but not outside.

    Also MS hiring alot of "loyal" but not experienced people. I remember one situation. We have meeting with some "MS guys". Everything was fine until... everything was fine. But suddenly happend some problem. And that guy became absolutely useless and almost disappeared! I found source of problem and solution in 15 minutes, but that guys just said "Oh... Strange... Try to uninstall it and install again". So annoying...

    Time to feed the trolls:
    Anecdotal evidence, it must be TRUE! </sarcasm> If you meet with anyone from Redmond, you're probably meeting a PM and not a dev. The question of who is more leet is beyond the scope of this thread. You should work on your stories though, you don't sound like a fun guy to talk to at a party (some guy did generic thing, then tried another generic thing, and it didn't work!!! LOLOLOLOL) Cool

    There's tons of devs in Redmond. We're outnumbered by managers, testers, etc for sure. But too many cooks spoils the soup.

    Beer 2.0: No one cares if you love/hate Google, Apple, Linux, whatever other company that you think we have to hate. People openly use their mac book and wear their ipod if that's the hardware they choose to use. We don't hate other companies (see cake sent to Mozilla). The only thing we care about is that you want to make good software.

    Back to the original thread:
    RJ, what kind of position are you looking for? Dev, PM, test?