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View Thread: Does persistence pay off when getting a job with Microsoft?
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    petknep_home wrote:
    I interviewed twice for interning, turned down both times. Got some industry experience doing real win32 work then applied for a full time and got it.

    My tips: Know how COM works, be able to debug it, understand how to make objects script accessible, etc. Be able to write apps w/ GDI calls.
    I applied a handful of times to your organization...never got an interview, though. I know some technologies cold, however, but unfortunately, they are not Microsoft related. It's not that I couldn't learn how COM works on a deep level, and do all the things you list, but for some weird reason I get the feeling that all the effort I would put into learning such technologies would just be a waste of time because I didn't know anybody on the inside.  The sheer volume of resumes pouring in just doesn't help. Plus, it would be my experience to be interviewed and get asked obscure questions that I probably would not have an answer to...and yes you could say it is the "thinking process" that really counts, but I'm sure there would be enough other candidates out there that would know the answer, and therefore I would get knocked out. Although I'm very good at thinking out of the box, fwiw.