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Phil Torrone - RSS and Mobile Devices

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    Some of Channel 9's users have asked for a mobile device friendly version of the site.  While we hope to get there one day, RSS is your friend in the meantime for keeping up with Channel 9 on your mobile devices of all platforms and sizes. 

    Phil Torrone, gadget madman and all around creative dude extroidinaire has written an article on RSS and mobile devices at dailywireless explaining how to get started.

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    If any of you are Pocket PC users and want to read RSS on your Pocket PC I would recommend that you check out egress from Garish Kernels. Great way to keep up with Channel 9 on a Pocket PC.

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    Been using Newsgator in Outlook/Exchange on my desktop.  Activesync does a pretty good job of getting these feeds to my iPaq.

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