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View Thread: MSNBC IE7 Issue?
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    phreaks wrote:
    LaBomba wrote: 
    phreaks wrote: So is this some issue with Flash?

    This issue does appear to be caused by a version of Flash 9.

    I disabled my Active X control Shockwave Flash 9 Object thru the IE settings and I didn't have any problems after that bringing up the MSNBC page.

    Flash9.ocx (Adobe) <---- argh!


    Ok thanks, not to be a complete dolt or anything, but how do I uninstall Flash?

    First run a little test to confirm it is Flash 9:

    1. In IE go to the Tools menu
    2. Internet Options
    3. go to Programs tab
    4. Select Manage Add-ons
    5. Select Shockwave Flash Object
    6. Choose 'Disable'
    7. Click 'OK'
    8. Try the MSNBC article again. Should work now.

    To uninstall Flash 9, go to Control Panel, choose Add/Remove Programs, Select Adobe Flash Player 9 ActiveX, Select 'Change/Remove'.