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View Thread: IE7 vs Firefox 2.0
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    jamie wrote:
    i hope IE8 has:

    - easy simple css themes
    - choose rendering engine (ie/ff)
    - move anything anywhere:

    You write the XPCOM -> COM wrapper for gecko and I'll get right on making that circular browser Tongue Out

    Move anything everywhere is a good goal though.

    I can't remember exactly what thread it was, but there was mention of a Jamie-made browser. It's really not that hard to prototype up a browser in C#, you can just drag the webbrowser control onto your winform, add an address bar and you're halfway there.

    I wasted a couple hours of my Saturday putting together a tabbed C# browser with all my wants. Like:
    No search bar, just ctrl+s from the address bar.
    No tab row, just ctrl+tab switch and my quicktabs knockoff.
    Smarter ctrl+enter behavior.
    Only caching the toplevel domain in the address bar.
    0 install, no 3rd party should need to register com interfaces if they aren't a platform, no setup needed Cool
    Small footprint, it's sub 30kb right now.