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View Thread: Endangered species: Say goodbye to the American programmer.
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    I can only speak from personal experience. But recently it seems, especially in some of CA's apps, that I am trying to reach the 131st level of Buddha to get the job done.

    EDIT: The above is only meant in fun, please do not take offense.

    I did find it interesting that the the 18 year old coder for the Fahrenheit spam program, formerly known as Midnight Spammer.. or something like that... made the same point as this thread... that American programmers simply are struggling. The take I got from it is that too many Corporations are thinking, wrongly, that they can save megabucks by going offshore. I would rather pay three times the upfront cost and have a functioning system than sit back and spend years in developnment and the process of interpreting business process to great coders, but not so great logisticians. Anyhow, we outsource to Canada.

    EDIT2: Good coders seem to live in frozen wastelands!