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View Thread: Who needs a hybrid disk drive? Ask Bob.
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    Sorry for all the quotes but this sounds phenomenal !

    Thoughts ?

    Bob Cringely wrote:

    they could design new families of disk drives that held up to three times as much data in the same space, were more reliable, actually cheaper to build, and used 70-95 percent less energy to run than the current state of the art.

    Bob Cringely wrote:

    Our 10-gigabyte 0.85-inch drive can spin up, read or write data, then shut down again, all in less time than it takes to perform the same task using flash while being just as resistant to shock damage and more resistant to heat. That 10-gig drive will cost $24 compared to $240 for 10 gigs of flash

    Bob Cringely wrote:

    Our metal foil drive costs less, not more, and spins up so quickly that data can be read from disk as fast or faster than it can be read from flash. Who needs a hybrid disk drive?

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