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View Thread: Thinking of picking up DS-Lite, Recommended Games?
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    Well, I broke down and did it. I traded in my GameCube and all games, and then some older original XBox games I still had (that I don't play). Like usual, I have absolutely ZERO self-control when game shopping. I went in there meaning to buy a DS Lite and _three_ games. I ended up walking away with _eight_, though.

    Here's what I ended up buying:

    Black DS Lite

    DS Lite Games:
    - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time
    - New Super Mario Bros.
    - Metroid Prime: Hunters
    - Mariokart DS
    - Brain Age

    GBA Games (for more of my RPG fix):
    - Golden Sun
    - Golden Sun: The Lost Age
    - Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

    I forked out $150 for all of that (the DS lite alone was $130). Pretty cheap. Between the $130 in-store credit from my trade-ins, and the fact that I got 10% off of used games, _and_ they were running a "buy 2, get 1 free" special on their used games. They didn't have Advance Wars in stock though Sad.

    Not bad Smiley. Now I'll have something to keep me company on my trip to Amsterdam and Singapore Smiley.

    Thanks for the advice and recommendations everyone!