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Start an online business

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    I wrote down my ideas on the pros and cons of possible product types that someone can build to start a online business.

    Please read it at and provide some feedback on:

    1) Which product types did you choose?
    2) Which is more successful?
    3) Which is easier for a beginner micro-ISV to start with?
    4) Which is the most profitable?

    Please, post your comments, corrections and ideas. Let’s create a viable resource for new micro-ISV's (including me) to help them on their decision making



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    You should check out Project Glidepath, it is an awesome tool that includes a bunch of documentation on this sort of thing.

    I'm working on both some web properties and a desktop product that I want to sell through Windows Marketplace for Vista and XP.  Recently I found that someone else has just launched a website similar to one of mine, and at first I was bummed out, but now I think it is a good think because a) their stuff isn't as cool/useful as mine and b) now I can see what works or doesn't for them before I launch my property and gain an advantage by not needing as much money as them to advance in the marketplace.

    The most important thing I have found is to JUST DO IT.  Take action.  Don't sit around over analyzing and thinking too much, go with your gut instinct and build something.  Once you have _something_ then you can tweak it etc. but if you have nothing then you are nowhere.  Cool

    Edit:  I have to run out right now, but I have thoughts on your blog post that I will put down in bits and bytes later.

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    Finding that someone else is doing the same thing like yours is always a good thing.

    It means there's a market for it. If you're alone it may mean that there's no market at all.

    You right about doing it and stop analyzing and preparing for it.
    I still wait for that big idea to strike.

    Looking forward for your thoughts; please post them in my blog, so others can read them.


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