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That "9 guy" sure gets Silicon Valley today...yours are on the way!

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  • scobleizer

    So, I was bored today and hanging out with my son, so we thought "hey, what if we took the 9 guy on a tour of Silicon Valley?"

    Well, the tour was quite fun. We went to the opening of the Apple store at Oakridge mall this morning. Then went on a tour. Adobe. Nvidia. The Santa Clara railyard (one of Silicon Valley's first computers sits in the tower there). The HP Garage. Stopped for a treat at University Coffee (I gave one to a little girl playing with some toys there and she got a big smile). Went to Stanford. Then to the Computer History Museum.

    While in Palo Alto, the 9 Guy stopped into Keeble and Shuchat, a camera store (I needed a replacement part for the Bogen tripod I use on Channel 9) and there he saw a guy with a Google shirt on.

    Turned out it was Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. He wasn't very nice to us, but oh well, it was his day off and hanging out with a Microsoft guy probably wasn't his ball of wax. I handed him a 9 guy and a business card and told him that if he ever needed anything from Microsoft to give me a call.

    We also met Terry Shuchat, the owner of the store. He's a nice guy. Still works the cash register too. That's impressive!

    Then onto the Computer History museum. The folks there were much nicer. It's quite an impressive place. I left several for the staff.

    Anyway, the reason I'm writing is we've mailed all the nine guys to people who've sent us postcards. They should be arriving soon.

    Please take him around, take pictures of him in places that are important to you. Send us the photos, or post them on your blogs.

    Hope you enjoyed the tour of Silicon Valley.

  • scobleizer

    The pictures are on my moblog at

  • Manip

    Is there an e-mail address to send pictures? ?

  • scobleizer

    We'll have to make one. For now, just send them to

  • Manip

    So the CEO of Google has a C9 guy? ha! That is pretty funny .. I wonder if he kept it..

  • jamie

    well c9 is pretty google friendly...
    if only so ms wakes up

    ps - robert - good work on the wishlist - wakeup call to gates you did

  • scobleizer

    I told him he could poke pins in it. Seriously. I don't think he knew who I was. If he did, he sure seemed uncomfortable talking with a guy who works at Microsoft.

    The 9 Guy was screaming as he was carried off. The poor fella! I hope he gets taken care of, though. Wink

    I told him that I liked Google a lot and that anytime there was something I could do for him, to give me a call.

  • Manip

    Maybe he thought you where like some corp. spy sent to buy him out or whatever.. Like an unofficial/official rep from Microsoft sent to give him a message and he wasn't sure what your game was.

    Here in the UK we don't normally walk up to strangers and discuss business .. it is just not done ..

  • l0ckergn0me

    I had some time to kill... and some brain cells.

  • eagle


  • scobleizer

    Chris, that's funny! Patrick, my son, liked it too.

  • scobleizer

    Manip? Me buy Google? Heh! They don't let me anywhere near the money.

  • Manip

    From *his point of view .. as you said, he has no clue who you are .. And that is why he might have been a little off with you.

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