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View Thread: Never mind about Beer28 - I clearly made a mistake
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    What started out as a reasonable conversation turned into Beer28 making all sorts of ridiculous demands for legal protection.

    He said he wanted to come on the show and talk about the DOJ, etc. - I told him that, whether I wanted to or not, I couldn't as an employee. I've signed agreements that basically state I'm not going to do anything stupid to get my employer in legal hot water.

    This didn't go over well with Beer28. He talked about some of his own legal issues with MS (he made it sound like he's investigating coming after us for something), but he refused to talk at length about it - yet he wanted to come on my show and talk about the DOJ! The arrogance is astounding. I honestly couldn't believe what I was reading.

    I wanted him on to try and bridge a gap - to calm things down - to clear his name - to talk about OSS, MS, and ways to deal with our differences.

    He just wanted a fight. It's crap. So I pretty much called it off.

    Oh, and after I told him I couldn't discuss the DOJ on C9, he suggested we do it on my blog. Like that would be any different.

    All I can say is: Wow. Screw that idea.

    Five on Nine is supposed to be fun - and clean - and nice - and a discussion. Not someplace for people to start their own little jihads.

    I'm going to go eat a sandwich.