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View Thread: Never mind about Beer28 - I clearly made a mistake
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    so... talk about the doj then.

    maybe mention that it sucked the life blood out of MS and hurt consumers by making it slower for customers to receive new software.  how it draped fear and uncertainty over every new feature, addition or cool thing someone wanted to add to office, ie or windows.

    how it cost millions of dollars and resulted in a checklist outcome

    how billg was deceived and made to look bad

    how doctor felton deleted an icon and said ie is removed

    how the brandy snifter judge broke protocol and gabbed to the media

    how the whole thing was a "kangaroo court" and that the then current DA should "go to heck"

    the doj trial was a waste of time - and only now is ms recovering from the large scale mockery that it was

    he wants to talk doj?

    let him  Tongue Out