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View Thread: SQL Server 2000 is losing ground -- Where the H**L is Yukon?
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    Ok, I want a good stable product.  I suspose I just want a good stable product more offten then 5 years apart.  At the enterprise level we are being forced to squeeze every last ounce of productivity out of the tools we own today.  If tools are driving down development cost or delivering lots of end user satisfaction then there is a problem, period.  From my point of view Analysis Services looked like a sure thing bet for the future.  The reasonably quick iterations beteen 7.0 and 2000 provided lots of good enhancements.  At this point my disapointment comes from these facts:

    1) We are still struggling to bring OLAP to the masses.  However the design experience in SQL 2000 was nice back in 2000 but 5 years?!
    2) The integration between Analysis services and Excel in the XP timeframe got lots better.  Then 2003 shipped and we got nothing....
    3) SQL reporting services was a great add-on.  Don't get me wrong I was in the launch video, but we still need an end user power query tool. (Don't even get me started about MS Query in Excel).
    4) Partitioning...  yikes.

    I think at this point I would have been happy with the 2000 product with some productivity enhancements.  A more incremental approach where functionalty improved ever 2 years would have bee welcomed.  (Yet, again don't get me started about the SA value we have received from SQL 2000.  I agree reporting services came out but how many people run the web gui on SQL server?? without extra licenses.)