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View Thread: SQL Server 2000 is losing ground -- Where the H**L is Yukon?
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    Shining Arcanine wrote:
    Jackco wrote:try mysql it free it has ASP support because mysql has the ODBC support

    but PHP as direct access to the database server because it does not use ODBC at all. I could say that PHP is faster then ASP maybe PHP is better then ASP.

    Mysql and PHP are both open source. In other word Mysql and PHP are in fast progress. SQL Server 2000 is losing ground.

    Don't you mean ASP.NET? Not ASP. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe ASP is a scripting language that is 3-5 times slower than PHP while ASP.NET is a compiled framework that  performance wise, blows PHP away, even with Zend Optimizer.

    SQL Server 2000 is not losing ground to MySQL because while it is an enterprise class product, MySQL is not.

    The thing I like about Open Source is that there is more people working on MySQL and PHP worldwide then MsSQL and ASP.NET. Microsoft will never be open as Open Source.  compare IE with Mozilla