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View Thread: SQL Server 2000 is losing ground -- Where the H**L is Yukon?
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    sbc wrote:
    Lets hope Whidbey and Yukon are much higher quality and bug-free than previous versions. Pity Visual Studio is so expensive (unless you get massive discounts if you are non-profit or government [as you are spending taxes for the tools])

    Also it would be good if SourceSafe was anywhere near as good as CVS (or Subversion). Why not have CVS/Subversion support in Visual Studio? Probably not as these are widely used by the Open Source community, which Microsoft seems to be against (at least at the OS / Office Suite level - Linux / Open Office)

    Sorry, I couldn't stop laughing.

    Let's compare: You can get pro, full edition, retail: $500. Now go figure out how much it would cost you to equip yourself with WebSphere. "So expensive" must be relative to what, NotePad?

    I can use CVS all day long with Visual Studio if I want too. I doesn't strike me that Microsoft doesn't want us not to use CVS or SubVersion. In fact, it seems rather popular. Yes, they provide Visual SourceSafe. Yes, its a minimalist soultion. Fine, don't use it.

    Maybe I listen to the collective too much and just can't see things from the other point of view about OpenOffice. But I don't see Microsoft as being against Open Source as much as they are for their own products. But then, in our capitalist Economy, that exactly what they should be.