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    Let's see what Microsoft use on the .Net framework (courtesy of the Shared Source):

    System.XML: Same Line
    System.Net: Same Line
    System.Text.RegularExpressions: Same Line
    Microsoft.JScript: Mix - Namespaces on newline, the rest on same line
    System.Collections: Same Line
    System.Diagnostics: New Line
    System.Globalization: Same Line
    System.IO: Mix - ad-hoc mixture
    System.Reflection: New Line
    System.Text: Same Line
    System.Runtime.Remoting: Mix - ad-hoc mixture
    System.Threading: Mix - ad hoc mixture

    When I wrote C, I used to use New Line and during .Net Beta1, I also used New Line, but I switched to same line around Beta2 and have never looked back.