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    I don't know if this has been posted yet or not, as I don't really hang out here all that much, but if it has, I'm sorry.

    So, most of you are probably aware of the Zune, wich is going to be Microsoft's go at the protable media player market. Well, on the Zune website, you can download a Zune desktop theme for Windows XP.

    Theme's aren't that great. But what is great is the new Visual Style that is included with it. That means that in addition to the default blue, olive green, and silver, you can get a pretty nice black Zune-colored one too.

    So, if you're using Windows XP, you might want to check it out here:

    It will freshen up your work environment.

    I was kind of surprized about the new Visual Style because I don't recall ever seeing any other official ones from Microsoft that were released since the release of XP. I started to do research on it looking for more Visual Styles, but to no avail (there is a massive amount of third party visual styles, but using them violates the EULA).

    Anyway, just wanted to bring this to everybody's attention.