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Where do you host your personal website?

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    +1 for WebHost4Life


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    parvaresh wrote:
    I have heard of WebHost4Life a lot from .net gurus, so it should be ok. Also why not trying to get your own dedicated server? There are many companies like ev1servers and servermatrix (division of the planet) offering Windows servers in a really good price.
    Try them!

    I "dogfood" my own business' hosting server for my personal sites..

    Its at EV1 Servers .. awesome pricing and wonderful service.. always up.. and for being an unmanaged hosting farm, their techs are consistently willing to help.

    Its been a ride listening to the wonderful rollercoaster story of EV1 paying SCO for licenses.


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    I have my original site for VB still running on Brinkster but my personal site is on Tripod. When I was shopping around to get my own domain name Brinkster still had a policy of not allowing any MP3 hosting on their sites, no matter the plan, so I went to Tripod in order to host my own music. Brinkster has changed this policy for pay sites from what I can tell.

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