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International micro-ISVs selling to US companies

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    Hi folks,

    I'm doing a little research on building a micro-ISV here in US, establish it and then move to Europe and run it from there.

    I'm from Europe but I live in US for the last 12 years. My wife and I, we check the possibility of going back one day.

    Selling a product in US is a very good idea, providing that I don't need the same revenue to live comfortable in Europe like I do here.

    Do you think is possible?
    Does anyone achieve that?

    Looking for some insight, ideas and suggestions.


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    I have been considering something similar. I have been thinking about starting up a company in about 15 years or so and then moving to Brazil. Running the company from Brazil, and maybe having a couple employees in the states.

    I was actually buying a Condo in Brazil up until about 5 years ago - long story. Working in America is great, our economy is strong. But I am a sucker for foreign countries, and I would like to spent the other half of my life somewhere tropical maybe.

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    This is exactly my point.

    Sell my product in the US, where the economy is strong, but live in Europe where lifestyle is so much better.

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